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Mike Muras is NATE-certified.

626-335-8187 for Estimate & Service

Electrical  Plumbing  Heating  Air Conditioning Refrigeration. Service  Sales  Installation.

Serving in Glendora, CA, USA and surrounding community, Mike Muras is a top level licensed NATE-certified individual and is one of the finest.

Many Electrical and Plumbing Problems are due to loose Connections.

Many Air Conditioning Problems are due to Air Flow Problems.

Mike Muras is built with many skills while working on projects or service calls. Home, Office, Kitchen, Bath, Patio, Porch, Basement, Attic, Mike solves many different types of plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heating, or building problems - simple or complex -  with certified knowledge.

Repair          Installation         Remodel         Comprehensive       Knowledge      Properly Done

Mike serves Glendora  Charter Oak  San Dimas  La Verne  Claremont  Azusa Covina West Covina Duarte Monrovia and more in the San Gabriel Valley.

HVACR Performance     Building Performance    Home Performance

Transforming and making improvements help save energy and conserve valuable natural resources. To boot, get more comfortable and have a great day.

Mike Muras is an Expert Licensed Certified Plumber Electrician.

HVACR Performance - Building Performance - Home Performance

Mike Muras is an Expert Licensed Certified Electrician Plumber because having an electrician working on your plumbing is very beneficial. Why do Water Heaters break down? Why do drains get clogged or backed-up? Rooter Service is different from Plumbing Service.

Electrical   Plumbing   Heating  Air Conditioning  NATE-certified
Refrigeration EPA certified   Licensed #902942  Home & Office  
One Person ShopSuperGuarantee® at Superpages.com!   One Location
Electrical Problems
    are due to
loose connections
      Air Conditioning
    Electrical Plumbing
   Heating Refrigeration
 Air Conditioning
Problems are due to electrical and Airflow
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North American Technician Excellence, Inc.   We Employ NATE-certified Technicians.

NATE - North American Technician Excellence, Inc.

Ask for one of our NATE-certified technicians for your next heating or air conditioning service.  Hire HVAC contractors with skilled certified techs.  

HVACR Performance - Building Performance -  Home Performance

M & K Electrical & Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Glendora CA 91741 626-335-8187 Lic. #902942. Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Refrigeration General Contractor Home & Commercial Services & Repair. We serve Glendora, Charter Oak, San Dimas, La Verne, Claremont, Azusa, Covina, West Covina, Duarte, Monrovia, and more in the San Gabriel Valley! Qualified Licensed Electrician Glendora, CA.             Mike Muras is a top level Licensed NATE-certified Electrician Glendora, CA.

We are Experienced    Intelligent      Versatile   Professional

Restore Power



We can do it!We love to smile and laugh!We love to smile and laugh!
Quality Electrical     Mike              Kim             Repair Service

We Install, Service, Repair, Troubleshoot, Survey, Upgrade, Improve!

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our offers: One Person Shop, One Location. I Shop Glendora

You can reach us at 626-335-8187. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: mikemuras@gmail.com or mike@mkelectricalplumbing.com

Mike Muras is a Licensed Top Level Electrician Plumber Heating Furnace Air Conditioning Air Conditioner Ventilation Refrigeration General Contractor. System & Sub-System Analyst - Comprehensive.

Mike Muras, former IHACI member, is working for the purpose of improving Energy Efficiency and maintaining High Levels of Energy Efficiency - according to good engineering practice.


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          Mike Muras is a top level Building Science Professional.
                    HVACRedu.net - The Whole Building is a System.
      Home Performance - Office Performance - Building Performance.

HVACR Performance - Building Performance - Home Performance

Mike Muras trained by National Comfort Institute, Inc. in the following:

Mike Muras is a NATE-Certified Technician by North American Technician Excellence, Inc. (NATE) in the following:

  • Air Conditioning - Installation                How NATE Benefits You
  • Air Conditioning - Service
  • Air to Air Heat Pump - Installation 
  • Air to Air Heat Pump - Service
  • Heating Load Calculation
  • Cooling Load Calculation
  • Air Distribution - Installation
  • Air Distribution - Service

                                                    Verify Mike Muras NATE ID 3657607

North American Technician Excellence, Inc.  We Employ NATE-Certified Technicians.

NATE - North American Technician Excellence, Inc.

Ask for one of our NATE-certified technicians for your next heating or air conditioning service.  Hire HVAC contractors with skilled certified techs.  

M & K Electrical & Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is a member of the NATE Consumer Contractor Connection Program, NATE C3 Program.  If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

In brief, you should know the following about us: Mike resounds with 25 Years of accumulated Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVACR Experience: Our company, One Person Shop - One Location, was established in 2005 and had been responsible for providing outstanding analysis, consultation, installation, maintenance, remodeling and repair work ever since. Our regular customers particularly value our low prices for outstanding and professional work. Our family business is located in Glendora, CA serving our local community. Thank you and have a great day!

Mike Muras is completing building heating load calculation and building cooling load calculation collective with required building ventilation, subsequently providing and selecting proper airflow and proper energy efficient equipment, therefore allowing approved air distribution and hydronic distribution resulting in high system performance and achieving high indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality, all complimented with planned maintenance: HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning - Efficiency Analyst - Plumbing Efficiency Analyst - Electrical Efficiency Analyst - Building Efficiency Analyst.

Mike Muras is analyzing energy use, comfort, indoor air quality, combustion safety, and special health concerns. Mike is utilizing the latest technologies & equipment such as blower door, duct pressure test, combustion analyzer, and thermal imaging camera. The home assessment report includes assessment of all building and/or home systems, prioritized list of improvements, estimated cost to do improvements, estimated energy savings from the improvements, and energy rating.

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www.athomesoda.comWe install "The Real Thing", manufactured by the same company that makes the equipment for your favorite Eateries & Watering Holes. Click , choose what you want, and we install it!
Electrical, Plumbing, & Refrigeration tasks and projects.

Call M & K Electrical & Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning at 626-335-8187. Or call At Home Soda at (562) 697 6436 Or Toll Free at (877) 543 4999. Tell them we sent you, THANKS!

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M & K Electrical & Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning - Home & Office Repair Remodel. Telephone: 626.335.8187 1226 E Walnut Ave Glendora, CA 91741

E-mail: mkelectricalplumbing@verizon.net

  • Load Calculation Analyst
  • Equipment Selection Analyst
  • Air Distribution Analyst
  • Hydronic Distribution Analyst
  • System Performance Analyst
  • Indoor Air/Environment Quality Analyst
  • Planned Maintenance Analyst
  • R-410A HFC Refrigerant technician
  • R-22 HCFC Refrigerant technician
  • Building Ventilation

Qualified Licensed Electrical Contractor C10 Lic. #902942  Superpages.com

  • Electrical Service Panels and subpanels;
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade.
  • Electrical Circuit Breakers: circuit breaker replace or troubleshoot.
  • Electrical - Repair and Install New Wire Circuits.
  • Electrical Troubleshoot.
  • Electrical Refrigeration.
  • Fixture, plug, outlet, switch, timer - add, repair & update.
  • GFCI and GFI plugs and circuits.
  • Outside plugs.
  • Wire replacement - aluminum and copper wire issues.
  • Recessed Lighting and Lights. CAN Lights. Pocket Lights. Air Tight
  • Lighting Electrician
  • Furnace Electrical problem solver.
  • Air Conditioning - Condenser - Fans - Repair & Replacement.
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Restroom Exhaust Fans
  • Refrigeration electrical
  • Thermostat electrical 
  • Electric fix. Electricity issues. Electrical fixes.
  • Dryer Plugs and electrical outlet plug for dryer.
  • Oven plugs, Cooktop plugs, Range plugs, electrical hookup.
  • Electric Water Heater, Heaters.
  • Heater Repair.
  • Refrigeration Repair.
  • Kitchen Disposer and Dishwasher Electrician

Qualified Licensed Plumbing Contractor C36 Lic. #902942

  • Mike Muras is a Licensed NATE-Certified Plumber.
  • Water Heaters -Tankless Water Heater & Tank Water Heater.
  • Furnace - Repair, Troubleshoot, Fix, Replace, Relocate.
  • Coming Soon to be Certified Backflow Tester Glendora CA
  • Furnace Electrical Repair - Furnaces.
  • Furnace Gas Repair.
  • Air Filter.
  • Air Conditioning Glendora, CA
  • Direct Vent Heater.
  • Pipes and Drains -  Fix leaks & pipe replacement.
  • Sewer Pipe.
  • Rooter Service.
  • Water Softener.
  • Gas pipe.
  • Water pipe.
  • Faucet & Fixture - upgrade and replace.
  • Ice Maker hook-ups.
  • Refrigeration installations,
  • Refrigeration Glendora, CA
  • Direct Vent Heaters. 
  • Air Handlers.
  • Plumbing Service and Troubleshooting
  • Heating and Air Conditioning.
  • Heater Repair.
  • Toilet Plumber
  • Sink Plumber
  • Disposer Plumber

Qualified Licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Contractor     C-20 Lic. #902942   - Heating and Air Conditioning. Electrical & Plumbing.

  • Mike Muras is a Licensed NATE-Certified Air Conditioning Contractor.
  • Air Conditioners - * with Approved Installation Agreement
  • Furnaces - *
  • Heaters - *
  • Troubleshoot Air Conditioners
  • Fix Air Conditioners
  • Air Conditioning Glendora, CA
  • Improve Performance of Air Conditioners
  • Thermostat replace
  • Filter replace
  • Duct Seal
  • Register replace
  • Insulate and Insulation
  • Heater Repair
  • Rooftop Air Conditioner Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance
  • Rooftop Furnace Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance
  • Compressor Troubleshoot Repair
  • Fan Blower Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance
  • Condenser Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance
  • Outside Fan Motor Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance
  • Inside Fan Motor Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance
  • Air Flow Verification - Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Repair in Glendora CA

Qualified Licensed General Contractor B Lic. #902942   - Remodel, Addition, Home Repair Services available. Heating and Air Conditioning. Electrical & Plumbing. Lighting Electrician. Refrigeration Electrician. Air Conditioning Glendora, CA. Mike Muras is Licensed NATE-Certified General Contractor.

Checklist for Prescreening Contractors                          Permits Required?

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Relevant Electrical Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Work Tasks We Complete:

Air Conditioning Repair Services Glendora, CA
Air Conditioning Glendora, CA
Refrigeration Glendora, CA
Electrician Glendora CA
Air Duct Cleaning : Removal of big debris and/or improve duct interior
Appliance Parts & Supplies : Installation agreement required
Appliance Repair Services - Electrical Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning
Awnings, Canopies, & Shade Structures : Electrical & Plumbing Services
Barbecue Equipment & Supplies : Installation agreement required
Bathtubs & Sinks Repair & Refinishing : with Remodeling agreement
Bathtubs troubleshoot
Cable TV: Electrical and wiring improvements
Ceiling Fans : new and upgrades : Glendora CA
Dishwasher Electrical & Plumbing Services Glendora CA
Drain Cleaning Services
Drain Services : detect leak and repair leak

Electrical Panel Upgrades Service Panel Upgrades Glendora CA
Electric Company in Glendora CA
Fireplaces & Accessories : gas pipes a Electrical direct vent
Furnaces : Electric and gas (including flue and vent repairs)
Gas devices controlled by electrical devices
Handyman for electrical plumbing heating & air conditioning
Heating : Repair Upgrade Replace Maintain
Home Improvement : Many Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
House Plans : Conventional Framing and Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
Kitchen Planning & Remodeling Services : basic ideas and plans
Kitchen Remodeling
Landscape Lighting
Lawn & Irrigation Sprinklers : Troubleshooting and electrical wires and valves
Licensed Plumbers Glendora CA
Lighting Fixtures Repair, Maintenance & Installation
Outdoor Lighting - Porch Deck Patio Post Landscape
Painting & Wall repair pertaining to
Pool  Timers Electrical Plumbing Pumps
Range & Oven Hook-up
Refrigerator & Freezer Electrical Hook-up
Refrigeration electrical component repair
Sauna Equipment Hook-up
Sewer & Drain Cleaning Contractors Services
Spas & Hot Tubs Service & Repair
Swimming Pool Equipment Service & Repair : Motor Timer Pump
Washing Machine & Dryer Hook-up : Electric Electrical Gas
Water Heater Repair : Electrical - Gas : Tank  - Tankless

Air Conditioner Parts : Installation agreement required
Air Conditioning Contractors
Air Conditioning Units : Installation agreement required
Architectural Services : Construction agreement required
Backflow Device Installation, Testing, & Service Pumps Electrical Coming Soon to be Certified Backflow Tester Glendora CA
Bathroom Contractors Services -
Bathroom Remodeling Services - Exhaust Fans Heaters Lights
Boiler Cleaning & Repair Tankless water heaters are mini boilers
Building Contractors : Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
Building Contractors Commercial & Industrial
Building Materials & Supplies : Construction agreement required
Commercial Air Conditioning
Commercial Heating Services
Construction Companies: We are a Licensed Class B Contractor Electrical Electric Services Glendora Covina West Covina Azusa Claremont La Verne
Design & Build Contractors : basic and practical
Duct Work: Seal Insulate Electric Fan Booster
Electric Contractors Residential Glendora CA
Electric Equipment & Supplies - Installation agreement required
Electricians Glendora CA
Furnace Cleaning & Repair Services
Furnace Filters - Installation agreement required
Gas Heating Contractors
Generator Parts, Service, & Repair - Installation agreement required
Geothermal Heating and Cooling
 HVAC Equipment & Supplies - Installation agreement required
Heat Pump Service & Repair
Heater Parts Electrical & Gas
Heating Contractors Glendora CA
Heating Repair Glendora CA
Heating Systems
Heating and Air Conditioning
Heating Services Glendora CA
Heating and Ventilation Contractors Glendora CA
Home Inspections Electrical & Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
Hot Water Heat Contractors
Industrial Electric Contractors Glendora CA
Insulation: Air Duct - Air Plenum - Water Pipe
Kitchen Fixtures & Accessories
Leak Detection Services
Lighting Contractors Services
Lighting Fixtures 

Patio Electrical & Lighting - Patio Plugs
Patio Gas and Electric Heaters Contractors
Plumbing Services Glendora CA
Plumbing Contractors Commercial & Industrial
Plumbing - We Install Service Repair Troubleshoot Survey Upgrade Improve!
Plumbing Equipment, Parts, & Supplies - Installation agreement required
Plumbing Fixtures - Installation agreement required
Plumbing Repair Home and Office Glendora CA
Toilet Plumber Glendora CA
Sink Plumber Glendora CA
Electrical Disposer Plumber Glendora CA
Water Heater Plumber Glendora CA
Faucet Plumber Glendora CA La Verne San Dimas Azusa
Pole & Post Electrical & Plumbing
Radiant Heating and Cooling
Room Additions Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
Solar Electrical Services Glendora CA
Solar Plumbing Services
Telecommunications Wiring & Cabling & Conduit & Electrical
Telephone & Television Cable Contractors
Tile Floor Electrical Electric Heat Contractors
Toilets Glendora CA - We Install Service Repair Troubleshoot Upgrade Improve!
Water Heater Parts & Supplies - Installation agreement required
Water Heaters Electric & Gas - Install electrical & plumbing
Water Pumps Electric & Solar
Water Heater Troubleshoot pilot light
Water Heater Code Corrections Improvements Glendora CA
Water Heater Valve Replacements Glendora CA
Water Heater Tankless Troubleshoot ignition spark
Air Conditioning

Electrical Amp Service & Upgrades
Controls & Thermostats
Custom Plumbing & Heating
Electrical Boxes
Electrical Service
Energy Efficient Systems
Electrical Fuses
Garbage Disposals Electrical & Plumbing
Gas Heating Electrical & Plumbing
Heat Pumps Electrical & Plumbing
Heating & Air Conditioning Connections
Heating & Air Conditioning Ductwork
Home Entertainment Systems
Home Maintenance Programs
HVAC Electrical & Plumbing
Landscape Lighting
Maintenance & Repair Electrical & Plumbing
Maintenance & Service Contracts
Recessed Lighting Air Tight Insulation Contact
Remodeling Electricity
Repair & Replacement Services
Repairs to electrical plugs and boxes and panels and wiring
Residential Wiring 12 gauge 14 gauge 10 gauge 8 gauge 6 gauge 4 gauge Commercial Wiring 12 gauge 14 gauge 10 gauge 8 gauge 6 gauge 4 gauge

Rooftop Air Conditioners
Rooftop Air Conditioner Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance 
Rooftop Furnace Troubleshoot Repair Maintenance 
Rooter Service
Tankless Water Heaters
Toilets - set flanges seal correct leaks
Troubleshooting wires plugs connectors boxes wire nuts
Upgrades recirculation electrical plumbing pumps
Ventilation  electrical whole house fans  electrical attic fans electrical bathroom exhaust fan    Kitchen hood vent
Wall Air Conditioners  electrical and building cut-out
Water Heaters upgrade   correct   relocate   improvements
Water Leaks   locate  and repair
Water Lines  
Water Main Repair
Water Treatment & Purification

Thermostats - Electrical Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning
Thermocouple - replacement services
Millivolt Generator - replacement troubleshoot
Electrical Repair Glendora CA
Electrical Handyman Glendora CA
Electrical Home Repair Glendora CA
Electrical Circuit Breakers New Circuit Glendora CA
Recessed Lights Glendora CA
Electrical Handyman Glendora CA Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning
Electrical Handyman San Dimas CA
Electrical Code Corrections Glendora CA
Home Electrical Repair
Office Electrical Repair
Office Electrical Services
Electrical Troubleshoot
Electrical Grounding & Bonding Glendora CA
Electrical Light Switches Plugs Outlets Glendora CA
Fix Electrical Problems Glendora CA
Fix Electrical Main Breaker or Fuse Circuit Breaker Glendora CA
Electrical Service Panelboard Load Centers Glendora CA
Electrical Remodeling Glendora CA
Electrical Work Home and Office Glendora CA
Air Conditioning Repair Glendora CA
Air Conditioning Service in Glendora CA

Thank you!